A Must-Play Expansion: Cyberpunk: Phantom Liberty Review

Cyberpunk: Phantom Liberty, A Must-Play Expansion

Introducing Cyberpunk: Phantom Liberty

Unwrapping Cyberpunk’s latest expansion: Phantom Liberty, is like opening a treasure trove of captivating narratives, rich characters, and top-tier action pieces.

Phantom Liberty amplifies Cyberpunk 2077 by integrating powerful stories, enriched characters, and exceptional action sequences into an immersive dystopian gaming world.

The dawn of a new era has arrived, as Phantom Liberty thrusts players into a paralleled storyline of Cyberpunk 2077, intensifying the game’s immersive dystopian experience.

A condensed package of Cyberpunk 2077’s best parts

Phantom Liberty extracts the essence of Cyberpunk 2077 and refines it to perfection, creating a streamlined, intimate experience filled with lasting exhilaration and poignant moments.

  • Immersive, neon-lit visuals reflective of Cyberpunk’s bleak future.
  • Unforgettable human stories entwined with technological exploitation and unfettered capitalism.
  • Action-filled, tight gameplay systems.
  • Intense, heart-wrenching storylines with thought-provoking themes.
A captivating story in a tech-fueled dystopia

Phantom Liberty offers an immersive journey into a dystopian world fraught with consequences. This tale of survival tells a heartbreaking yet thrilling narrative that balances loyalty, reckoning the past and the struggle for self-preservation in the face of technological exploitation.

  1. The intimate, raw, and earnest stories.
  2. Strong cast of characters portrayed by the likes of Idris Elba and Keanu Reeves.
  3. Intense action sequences intertwined with tense non-combat scenarios.
  4. A variety of incredible endings offered by Phantom Liberty.
  5. A haunting journey into the heart of Night City’s new district, Dogtown.
Top-tier action set pieces and well-crafted non-combat scenarios

Phantom Liberty delivers intense action in well-crafted non-combat scenarios, highlighting the revised gameplay mechanics of Cyberpunk 2077. During missions, you experience top-notch gunplay and highly-tactical conflicts, all while navigating heartbreaking narrative turns.

  • Experience thrilling, high-octane gunplay
  • Navigate highly-tactical confrontations elevated by effective AI
  • Merge powerful storytelling within non-combat scenarios
  • Bask in the revised RPG mechanics, featuring upgraded character progression and equipment loadouts
  • Take part in missions characterized by their excellent pacing and tense atmosphere

A Showstopper of a Finale

Phantom Liberty cunningly undermines expectations, delivering not just one, but two multifaceted, distinct endings. It keeps players on their toes as they navigate the Cyberpunk 2077 expansion’s labyrinthine narrative twists.

The unexpected brilliance of Phantom Liberty lies in its divergent finales, each more stunning than the last. This attractive blend fortifies Phantom Liberty as an indelible masterpiece in the Cyberpunk realm.

Not one, but two (or three) stunning finales

Phantom Liberty trumps all expectations with a multiplicity in final showdowns that offer not one, but two, perhaps even three stunning finales crafted with unprecedented mastery. With Cyberpunk 2077 at its core, it flaunts an extraordinary blend of action, drama, and impactful narrative culminating in a rewarding crescendo that is purely unforgettable.

  • Unpredictable climaxes that showcase the multiple possible endings.
  • A comprehensive mix of action-packed scenarios and emotionally charged dialogues that lead to each final showdown.
  • The additional finale that changes the trajectory of the original story.
  • The thrilling narrative twist that leads to an alternate climax.
A fantastic mix of everything Cyberpunk

Phantom Liberty embraces Cyberpunk 2077’s unique blend of action, thriller, and political drama. It’s the perfect concoction that keeps you on your toes, merging hard-hitting action with captivating narratives, resulting in an unforgettable expansion.

The mix of the upgraded RPG mechanics and action setpieces in Phantom Liberty showcase the best of Cyberpunk. Its ability to maintain momentum irrespective of your current task makes every mission an exciting undertaking.

The expansion dives deep into the heart of Cyberpunk: a tech-fueled dystopia, bringing a new level of intensity with its captivating characters and plotlines. Whether it’s the emotive voice acting or exceptional character development, Phantom Liberty nails it all.

Combining two bombastic finales, an additional ending, and a bevy of side missions, Phantom Liberty is testament to what makes Cyberpunk remarkable. It’s a collage of intimidating gunfights, intertwined tales, and tough choices that heighten the experience.

Phantom Liberty is a reaffirmation of Cyberpunk’s strengths. From Idris Elba’s commanding presence as Solomon Reed to the familiar face of Johnny Silverhand, these elements create a harmonious blend culminating in an ingenious expansion.


Phantom Liberty is essential for the full Cyberpunk experience

Phantom Liberty serves as the essence of the Cyberpunk puzzle, enriching the game’s world by introducing riveting narratives and an intriguing interplay of characters. The expansion becomes integral to the overall experience, making it difficult to imagine the Cyberpunk universe without its inclusion.

Critically, Phantom Liberty carves out new frontiers in Cyberpunk 2077, providing fresh territory, captivating stories, and an expanded cast of unforgettable characters. Its innovative gameplay and intimate narratives further underscore its pivotal role in defining the dimensions of the Cyberpunk world.


Getting Started with Phantom Liberty

Diving into Phantom Liberty, you’re transported to a realm of intrigue and high-stakes action. Seamless integration with your existing Cyberpunk 2077 save allows a smooth transition into this expansion’s captivating narrative.

Alternatively, dare to start anew and experience Cyberpunk in its refined glory. Reach the original story’s halfway point, and a new path reveals itself, beckoning you into Phantom Liberty’s raw, unexplored wasteland.


Jumping straight into the new content or using a save

Beginning Phantom Liberty with a save speedruns you straight into the fascinating expansion, snaking its advantages such as an expedited journey into the heart of the action. However, it could be detrimental for newcomers who might struggle with the abrupt tech-dystopian immersion and lack of familiarity with gameplay systems.

Starting fresh may require patience, as you’ll need to trudge through Cyberpunk 2077’s original story to unlock Phantom Liberty. But this method is invaluable for continuity fetishists, providing a seamless transition to the expansion’s twists and turns within the backdrop of Night City.


Starting fresh and reaching the halfway point

As you navigate through the world of Cyberpunk, Phantom Liberty becomes reachable at a crucial stage. It transforms the entire gaming experience, opening a new world of thrilling missions and insightful character interactions as you reach the halfway line.

Starting fresh with Phantom Liberty intensifies the adventure and adds an unprecedented depth to the game, introducing new terrains and intricate quests to explore.

For those taking a new route, this midway point serves as a gateway to Phantom Liberty, a subplot that enriches the storyline while flawlessly aligning with the game’s main narrative.

This halfway point not only allows you to dive straight into the Phantom Liberty content, but it also sets the stage for dramatic twists and an escalating story arc.

Choosing to restart Cyberpunk with the Phantom Liberty extension brings a refreshing perspective to the game. The transition at the halfway mark sets the tone for an unrivaled dystopian adventure.


The Stellar Cast of Characters

Phantom Liberty is more than just flashy action scenes; it boasts a stellar cast that brings depth to the game’s narrative. Idris Elba’s commanding Solomon Reed and the talented netrunner Song So Mi, epitomize bravery and brilliance in a world marred by drawn lines of loyalty.

Behind each unforgettable character in Phantom Liberty is a tale that teases out the complexities of Cyberpunk’s world. Be it Keanu Reeves’ introspective Johnny Silverhand or any of the supporting characters, each one adds a rich layer to the mesmerizing fabric of Phantom Liberty’s engaging narrative.


Idris Elba and his commanding presence as Solomon Reed

Idris Elba brings a potent blend of grittiness and charisma to Cyberpunk’s Phantom Liberty as the formidable Solomon Reed. At once alluring and intriguing, his character draws you into the heart of the narrative, serving as a magnetic presence.

Elba’s performance as Reed infuses an added layer of nuance to the expansion. Through his brilliantly textured portrayal, we see a stern individual keeping everyone at arm’s length, nevertheless exerting an undeniable influence in every scene.

In a world where connections are primarily digital, Elba’s holographic rendering of Reed proves a triumph. His performance manages to convey whole volumes about his character, establishing a pronounced identity distinct from his iconic roles.

Elba’s contribution to Phantom Liberty lifts it to a different level, introducing a guttural intensity and a sense of uncertainty that reinforces its gritty edge. As Reed, he embeds himself into the very fabric of the narrative, reminding us of the harsh realities of a tech-driven dystopia.


Song So Mi, the talented netrunner known as Songbird

Song So Mi, or ‘Songbird’, gives Phantom Liberty a unique beat with her unrivaled talent as a netrunner. Journeying alongside her, you witness a thorough exploration of the darker abyss of Cyberpunk, showcasing her brilliant abilities.

Despite being in a world driven by cold technology and ruthless corporations, Songbird introduces a refreshing burst of human emotion and complexity. Phantom Liberty truly comes alive through her eyes as we touch upon the shared goals of liberation and survival.

As Songbird, Song So Mi captivates the audience with her raw yet refined performance. This one-of-a-kind character leaves an indelible mark in the heart of every Cyberpunk lover, resonating even long after Phantom Liberty quests are completed.


Johnny Silverhand, portrayed by Keanu Reeves, adds new depth

Phantom Liberty merely doesn’t bestow newfound depth on Johnny Silverhand; it peels back layers of his ethos. He undergoes a transformation, becoming deeply introspective, offering a fresh angle to his normally brash character.

Amidst the high-stakes drama, Silverhand continues to serve as the charming counterbalance. His brutal honesty, wrapped within snappy one-liners, provides much-needed relief and a comforting familiarity amidst the undercurrents of tension.


Bringing the Characters to Life

The magic of Phantom Liberty’s characters is the tangible charisma that they exude throughout the gameplay. Their emotion-filled performances, aided by meticulously crafted animations, ensure players are enthralled and invigorated in every scene.

Phantom Liberty stands as a testament to the powerful convergence of writing, performance, and advanced tech. It’s through this trinity that memorable characters like Reed, Songbird, and Johnny embody the emotionally rich narrative, creating an unforgettable gaming experience.


High production values and captivating motion capture

Seeing delicate expressions meticulously portrayed allows you to unearth the subtle intricacies within each character’s narrative, thanks to Phantom Liberty’s high production values. This elevation gives player experiences an emotional depth, making each interaction feel authentic. It’s the substance behind the style that sets Phantom Liberty apart.

Harnessing the power of motion capture, characters are infused with life, breathing vitality into each scene. Designs resonate true-to-life facial expressions and body language effortlessly, adding a layer of dynamism that/s pivotal in maintaining the player’s immersion every step of the way.

Synthesizing high production values with lifelike motion capture, Phantom Liberty offers an unparalleled gaming experience. This confluence of elements results in a potent artistry, elevating the narrative of Phantom Liberty, and rendering its cast into unforgettable figures in Cyberpunk’s world.


Unforgettable performances in a first-person perspective

Phantom Liberty brings to life personal narratives through power-packed performances. The fusion of exceptional writing, performances and cutting-edge tech breathes life into unforgettable characters like Reed, Songbird and Johnny.

With its dedicated focus on first-person storytelling, Phantom Liberty takes immersion to a new level. The scenes unfold subtly, allowing you to experience each character’s nuances and immerse wholly in the abyss of the vibrant Cyberpunk world.


Exploring Dogtown in Night City

Gritty and real, Dogtown unfolds as you wade through the slums, navigating places lost and forgotten, a glowing testament to Phantom Liberty’s storytelling strength. The rubble-strewn streets stir a sense of melancholic nostalgia.

From the rooftops, Dogtown’s heartbeats become discernible. The compactness of Phantom Liberty’s Dogtown doesn’t shy away from creating an illusional expanse, as you gaze over a district both harsh and expansive, bringing an element of deceptive grandeur to the game.


An independent district overrun by a militia

Law and order or chaos? It’s hard to say in Dogtown, a tenacious offering by Phantom Liberty. Militia-run, the district pulsed with a dystopian rhythm unseen in Cyberpunk 2077’s mainstay, Night City.

Dogtown, an autonomous district in Phantom Liberty adds an intricately woven layer to an already vivid world. It seamlessly brings a smaller, yet potent spatial narrative experience into Cyberpunk 2077’s vast universe.


Smaller scale, yet still expansive and immersive

From its abandoned buildings to its sprawling slums, Dogtown is smaller than the average Night City map but still offers vast opportunities for adventure. The compact design of Phantom Liberty’s Dogtown district, however, doesn’t shortchange the immersive experience players crave.

Despite its size, the charm of Phantom Liberty’s Dogtown district is irresistible. Its grimy streets and broken-down buildings evoke a sense of grim harsh reality, adding authenticity to Cyberpunk’s dystopian narrative.

Don’t underestimate Dogtown based on its scale. Using rooftops to your advantage, gaze upon an expansive cyber landscape that leaves you in awe at its boundless virtual depth and complexity.

The reduced scale of Dogtown is a part of its charm. As players tread its gritty streets, they become privy to intimate stories and back alleys, giving them a greater connection to this militia-run dystopia.


Essential 4.8 / 5

The Good

  • The main story in Cyberpunk: Phantom Liberty is thrilling, with two stunning routes and conclusions that provide a captivating experience.
  • The performances of both new and returning characters are exceptional, making them the heart of the game and adding depth to the overall narrative.
  • The new ending for the base game brings a powerful recontextualization to the original story, adding even more significance and impact.
  • The rebuilt RPG elements in the game make combat scenarios satisfying, regardless of the player’s preferred playstyle.
  • Gigs, which are side missions, offer enjoyable combat encounters and present compelling decisions for the players to make.
  • The level of detail and density in the Dogtown area creates a brutal and complex identity, making it an immersive and engaging location.

The Bad

  • There are instances of inconsistent tone, particularly in some dialogue options and related character arcs, which can disrupt the overall cohesion of the game’s story.
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