Helldivers 2 Review: Best shooter Co-Op in the history?

Persisting through relentless waves of alien adversaries often seems insurmountable, yet therein lies an allure hard to resist.

Recall the time our squad was utterly outmatched by a Bile Titan, a leviathan amongst Termanids, with defeat imminent.

Yet, amidst the chaos and impending doom, we triumphed, igniting a collective urge to dive back into the fray for more.

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Helldivers 2 Super Citizen Edition

Helldivers 2

First Encounter with Bile Titan

The clash with the Bile Titan is nothing short of epic: a gripping dance with death where each strategic move and frantic gunfire counts. In the maelstrom of battle, every Helldiver’s resolve is tested as this acid-spewing behemoth looms large, demanding not just firepower but unyielding courage and synchrony. Overcome it, and you’re not just survivors; you’re legends etching your tale in the annals of the Helldivers’ saga.

Squad Coordination Challenges

In Helldivers 2, unity is your quintessential shield—without cohesive team play, your Helldiver squad may swiftly succumb to the crushing tide of galactic threats.

In the chaos of battle, coordination is the underpinning of survival, determining the efficacy of every strategic call and maneuver.

Mastering the art of synchronization among squad members is critical, requiring harmonized strikes and timely deployment of Stratagems that can turn a dire situation into a triumphant victory.

Having a strategic playbook is not merely an advantage—it’s a necessity that distinguishes superior squads. This coordination begets the kind of high-octane gaming experience that keeps the collective pulse of your team racing in anticipation of the next drop.

Strategic Use of Resources

In Helldivers 2, the judicious expenditure of your arsenal ensures battlefield dominance, with every bullet, Stratagem, and airstrike marking the difference between a successful extraction and a catastrophic defeat.

Timing and teamwork amplify each resource’s impact, turning scarcity into an opportunity for tactical ingenuity.

When ammunition runs scarce and reinforcements dwindle, the true Helldiver embraces the challenge, ingeniously utilizing every available tool in a symphony of strategic warfare, ensuring that no bullet is wasted and every call for support is a masterstroke that turns the tides in favor of liberty.

Wrapped in the thrill of Helldivers 2 is a lesson in resource management that goes beyond the confines of the game; it’s a testament to critical decision-making under pressure, strategic allocation of limited assets, and the unyielding resolve to turn every scrap of advantage into a weapon in the relentless pursuit of victory. Masters of resourcefulness, Helldivers teach us that true power lies not in the abundance of resources but in the ability to wield them with surgical precision and unbreakable comradery.

Blasting Its Way to the Top of the Charts

Helldivers 2 is accelerating to the peak of gaming excellence, a testament to its seamless blend of strategy and cooperative play. Each mission, a potential for chaos molded into success, is a gripping invitational to players seeking an unyielding challenge.

With its finger on the pulse of exhilarating coop gameplay, Helldivers 2 funnels the collective fervor of its players into a grand scale of intergalactic war. The allure of its complex orchestration of warfare strategies is bolstering its position as an unequivocal coop sensation, poised to conquer the hearts of strategic shooter enthusiasts.

The game’s ascendancy is inevitable, as Helldivers 2 redefines the benchmarks of cooperative play and tactical depth. It stands as a beacon, calling all who covet a test of mettle and the sweet savor of triumph in the theater of space warfare.

Becoming Steam’s Global Top Seller
A colossal success story unfolds.

Ascending swiftly with each battle fought, Helldivers 2 secures top echelons on Steam’s prized leaderboard. The game has captured the hearts and tactics of a diverse gaming community worldwide, consistently achieving high player counts and rave reviews. Consequently, it has become a benchmark of excellence within the coop shooter genre, setting new expectations for games to come. Intense missions and irresistible camaraderie are now synonymous with Steam’s top charts.

Strategic depth meets unbridled popularity.

The game’s ascent to Steam glory is no fluke—it’s a strategic triumph. With its unmatched cooperative mechanics and explosive content, Helldivers 2 has quickly turned into the go-to title for gamers craving high-caliber, tactical action. Veterans and newcomers alike are flocking to be a part of this gaming revolution, building communities and strategies that bolster the title’s prestige.

A testament to cooperative gameplay’s power.

Helldivers 2 stands as a paragon in the Steam marketplace – a place where players demand quality, engagement, and a return on their time invested. It’s not just the game’s tactical depth that thrills the masses but its capacity to unite them under one flag, driving the game to be a global phenomenon.

Continued dominance in the years to come.

The game’s trajectory indicates an enduring reign through 2023 and beyond, redefining what cooperative shooters should offer. Faithful fans and strategic masterminds continue to fuel the game’s success, ensuring a legacy that will be etched in the annals of gaming history. This is just the beginning of Helldivers 2’s campaign of conquest on Steam’s charts.

#1 Top Selling Game on PSN

Helldivers 2 reigns supreme as the PSN’s top-selling juggernaut, captivating a legion of players with its intense cooperative play.

  • Adrenaline-Pumping Action: Engage in thrilling battles that keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • Deep Strategic Gameplay: Outsmart your enemies with tactical precision and cooperative strategies.
  • Robust Community Engagement: Connect with an active community that continues to expand and enrich the gameplay experience.
  • Ever-Expanding Arsenal: Unlock a plethora of weapons, abilities, and equipment to tackle diverse combat scenarios.

The game’s success is powered by its community, where camaraderie and tactics converge for an unmatched gaming experience.

Its sustained popularity cements Helldivers 2 as a PSN chart-topping staple, with no signs of it relinquishing its throne.

Cooperative Play Dynamics

Helldivers 2 is a symphony of synchronicity, where squad synergy and precise communication transform chaotic battles into orchestrated victories. The essence of camaraderie is woven into every frantic fire-fight, rescue operation, and strategic incursion, crafting experiences that resonate with tales of tight-knit teamwork. Only through unyielding collaboration, leveraging each Helldiver’s unique arsenal and quick-witted stratagem execution, can the ultimate objective of spreading Managed Democracy be achieved.

The fabric of this cooperative masterpiece lies in the subtle interplay of roles each player assumes—a dynamic dance of covering fire, tactical support, and daring rescue maneuvers. As you lock step with your squad, the importance of mutual trust and role acknowledgment becomes starkly apparent; each pivotal moment of the game relies not merely on individual prowess but on the collective strength and adaptability of fellow Helldivers. 

Solo Versus Squad Experiences

Venturing alone in Helldivers 2 is a markedly different affair, epitomizing the role of a lone wolf. While squad play is akin to a well-oiled machine, solitary endeavors underscore personal stealth and strategy.

In groups, Helldivers find strength in numbers, each member’s loadout harmonizing to create a formidable front against insectoid adversaries. Conversely, the solo Helldiver relies on guile and self-reliance, morphing challenges into a test of cunning over collective might.

Solo play demands meticulous planning and dexterous execution—sneaking past patrols or going Rambo are tactics on the table. But what holds weight in solitude may falter in the chaos of squad combat, where coordination is paramount.

Yet the rush of surviving a high-stakes operation alone is incomparable, a testament to your prowess and adaptability. The soloist shields their merit with each unassisted victory, but the shared elation of teamwork in squad play is a unique brand of exhilaration.

In essence, whether you cherish solitude’s crucible or thrive amid a squad’s camaraderie, Helldivers 2 accommodates both playstyles. Your journey, be it reclusive or rallied with allies, carves a path to freedom under Managed Democracy.

Friendships Forged in Battle

Battle-hardened camaraderie is Helldivers 2’s beating heart, transforming gameplay into a forge for unbreakable bonds.

  1. Strategic Coordination: Squad members combine their unique strengths, synchronizing attacks and support to overpower formidable foes.
  2. Triumphs Shared: Celebrating collective victories deepens the sense of unity and accomplishment, pushing you to strive together for Super Earth.
  3. Memorable Moments: The shared laughter and cheers when overcoming near-impossible odds create lasting memories that transcend the game.

Co-op play elevates the tactical challenge, compelling players to think as a unit.

When victory is won, it is savored not just as a player, but as part of an indomitable team.

Arsenal and Abilities

Beyond the thrill of alliance and survival, Helldivers 2 endows players with an empowering arsenal and dynamic abilities that are paramount in safeguarding Super Earth’s ideology. Whether it’s the satisfying recoil of a heavy-duty weapon like the Railgun or the strategic placement of a shield barrier, every piece of equipment feels tailored to enhance your tactical prowess. The equipment amplification adds a layer of depth to the rustic act of pulling the trigger, converging firepower and strategy into an art form on the battlefield.

The orchestration of abilities such as calling in a devastating airstrike or deploying a steadfast turret requires the finesse of a virtuoso, harmonizing cooldown management with split-second decision-making. Mastery over these resources transforms a squad from mere survivors into liberators, each member a cog in the monumental war machine that churns out victory through precision and collaborative might, laying waste to any opposition that dares question the might of Managed Democracy.

Unlocking Weapons and Equipment

Helldivers 2 rewards players continuously with an array of lethal weaponry and vital equipment that can turn the tide of any firefight.

  • Anti-Material Rifle: Dominate the battlefield with its anti-armor capabilities.
  • Railgun: Annihilate threats from a distance with unparalleled firepower.
  • Guard Dog Rover: A relentless AI companion that targets nearby enemies.
  • Mortar Sentry: Deploys automated heavy artillery for area denial.
  • Explosive Liberator: An upgraded assault rifle delivering devastating blows.
  • Breaker: A fully automatic shotgun that decimates close-range foes.

Through a mix of exploration and completing missions, you accumulate in-game currency to unlock potent armaments.

These unlocks are not just about firepower, but offer strategic flexibility, empowering you with tools to fit any combat scenario.

Impactful Stratagem Tactics

The right Stratagem can drastically influence the outcome of a mission, saving your team in desperate times.

  1. Displacement Field – An emergency teleportation device to reposition under heavy fire.
  2. Reinforce – Timely revival of fallen comrades to maintain squad strength.
  3. Close Air Support – Quick, precise strikes to clear overwhelming enemy clusters.
  4. Heavy Strafing Run – Decimate linear enemy lines with a powerful aerial attack.
  5. Static Field Conductors – Stun and slow advancing foes to create bottlenecks.

Resource management is key; deploy Stratagems purposefully to avoid wasteful overlap or premature cooldowns.

Exploiting strategic synergies between Stratagems and terrain elevates your team’s effectiveness to conquer hostile landscapes.

Crossplay but not for Xbox

Despite its wide appeal, Helldivers 2 limits cross-platform play, leaving Xbox players isolated.

While PlayStation and PC users enjoy seamless inter-platform camaraderie, the omission of Xbox in crossplay raises eyebrows and questions about platform inclusivity.

An opportunity missed, this absence hinders what could be a fully unified Helldivers community across all gaming platforms.

Xbox gamers signing petitions

Xbox enthusiasts are rallying, craving inclusion in the enthralling Helldivers 2 inter-platform ecosystem.

The absence stirs a palpable yearning for cross-platform play unity.

Driven by a thirst for camaraderie and tactical depth, these gamers harness the power of petitions to voice their unified desire for crossplay inclusion, bridging the void between console communities with a singular, fervent plea.

As signatures amass, the community’s outcry becomes a testament to the game’s magnetic pull, urging developers to consider the harmonious potential of a truly inclusive Helldivers 2 experience. Their message is clear – exclusion has no place in the future of gaming, and they stand ready to join their brethren in the chaotic, thrilling pursuit of galactic liberation.

Progression and Rewards System

Within the frenetic tapestry of Helldivers 2, the progression and rewards system stands as a pillar of motivation, offering a strategic depth that tantalizes players with a panoply of tactical choices. As you ascend through the ranks, the satisfaction of unlocking formidable Stratagems or a state-of-the-art weapon becomes an adrenaline-fueled pursuit, propelling you to dive back into the fray for just one more mission, one more victory in the name of Super Earth.

Yet, it’s the tactical nuances that set the game’s rewards apart, crafting a path paved with hard-earned glory. The free battle pass unfurls a treasure trove of possibilities, giving strategic command over an arsenal designed to sow freedom across the galaxy. It’s a system where determination meets reward, where ingenuity is king, and persistence is paid in high-caliber dividends. With each successful operation, the promise of mightier gear beckons, ensuring that the thirst for progress is ever quenched by the spoils of battle, luring Helldivers to ever-greater deeds of valor.

Paid Versus Free Battle Pass

When deciding between the Paid and Free Battle Pass, it’s crucial to consider the balance of exclusivity against accessibility.

  1. The Free Battle Pass – abundant with options, outweighs the paid in quantity, including the formidable Breaker, a devastating shotgun.
  2. Paid Battle Pass – offers unique exclusives like the Explosive Liberator, yet is not essential for success in the game.
  3. Super Credits found during missions – these credits cater more to the Paid Battle Pass holders, as they are retained by the finder.

The Free Battle Pass impresses with its generosity and seems to be the heartier choice, teeming with ample gear to keep you competitive.

Conversely, the Paid Pass provides a niche selection of gear. It’s a luxury, not a necessity, for the elite Helldiver who craves distinction on the battlefield

In-Game Currency and Unlocks

Currency fuels the war machine in Helldivers 2.

In Helldivers 2, Super Credits are the lifeblood of advancement. With these coveted credits, you secure a plethora of potent weapons and critical stratagems. Each engagement leaves you richer, feeding your arsenal for future battles, and empowering your crusade for liberty with a tangible sense of progression. Earning these credits feels rewarding, reflecting the effort and skill you’ve contributed to the cause.

Unlock possibilities are vast and varied.

A mindful selection of gear drastically influences your tactics. Super Credits are invested wisely to purchase items like the piercing Anti-Material Rifle or a staunch defender like the Mortar Sentry, both serving as turning points in the throes of war. This strategic tier of equipment forms the backbone of your survival strategy, giving each mission a personalized combat narrative.

The taste of victory lies in judicious unlocks.

Helldivers 2 ensures every success is sweetened – not just with glory, but also with a trove of unlockables. From adrenaline-fueled last stands to smart strategic conquests, your valiant efforts are always recognized. Each campaign contributes to a deeper pool of resources, intensifying your thirst for conquest and solidifying your role as an interstellar liberator in this vast universe.

Our Verdict

Exceptional 4.8

Helldivers 2 is a tour de force in cooperative gameplay, welding seamless mechanics with a surfeit of strategic depth. It’s a game where camaraderie flourishes, and every triumphant bout against extraterrestrial adversaries rewards you with a rich vein of unlockables and an indelible sense of achievement. Whether it’s solo-endeavors or squad missions, it stands unchallenged as one of the most enthralling shooter co-ops in gaming history.

Innumerable configurations and a robust progression system ensure that Helldivers 2 remains endlessly engaging. The sheer joy of earning and applying battle-won spoils to wage war for Super Earth solidifies its place not just as a game to be played, but an experience to be lived.

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The Good

  • Seamless cooperative gameplay: Enjoy a smooth and immersive cooperative experience with seamless mechanics.

  • Strategic depth and varied missions: Engage in diverse missions with strategic depth, keeping gameplay fresh and engaging.

  • Rich vein of unlockables and progression: Unlock a wide range of weapons, armor, and abilities, providing a sense of accomplishment and motivation.

  • Sense of camaraderie and teamwork: Foster teamwork and cooperation, creating a strong sense of camaraderie among players.

  • Indelible sense of achievement: Feel a lasting sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as you progress and unlock new content.

  • Immersive lore and humorous propaganda: Immerse yourself in the game’s lore through humorous propaganda videos, adding depth and enjoyment.

  • Exciting multiplayer shooter: Experience intense action and strategic gameplay, making Helldivers 2 a standout multiplayer shooter.

The Bad

  • Matchmaking and performance issues: Some players have reported issues with matchmaking, including difficulties in finding suitable matches or experiencing lag during gameplay. Additionally, there have been occasional performance issues, such as framerate drops or connectivity problems.

  • Limited solo play capabilities: While Helldivers 2 can be played solo, the difficulty levels do not scale well with the player count. This means that playing alone may limit the player’s progress and make certain missions more challenging.

  • Difficulty scaling with player count: The game’s difficulty does not always adjust appropriately based on the number of players in a squad. This can result in imbalanced encounters, making it harder for smaller groups or solo players to succeed.

  • Inconsistent post-match rewards: Some players have reported instances where post-match rewards, such as experience points or in-game currency, were not consistently received. This can be frustrating when trying to progress and unlock new content.

  • Occasional framerate and connectivity issues: Helldivers 2 has been known to experience occasional framerate drops or connectivity issues, which can disrupt the gameplay experience and hinder smooth online interactions.

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