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Product information: Buy Windows 10 Professional for Workstations


Windows 10 Professional for Workstations is a great option for users whose activities need high-performance workstation PCs and require storage for large amounts of data. It has all the features of Windows 10 Pro together with server-grade process and file transfer speed allowing to maximize the potential of advanced hardware configuration.

Designed for modern-day professionals (data scientists, engineers, graphic designers, animators, and more) and anyone else whose activities require fast transfers between workstations and server resources. 

Windows 10 Pro brings back the windows you already know and incorporates significant improvements. Windows 10 Professional has all the features of Windows 10 Home alongside convenient business punctuality for encryption, remote log on, and creating virtual machines. Designed to go with you seamlessly between Windows devices, it becomes the ultimate personalized laptop or desktop at work and home.

Windows 10 is most reliable & stable version of Microsoft’s operating system till date. Being the fastest Microsoft operating system to date, Windows 10 also comes with an updated built-in security system to help protect your system from malicious software.

As above, the features give a Windows 10 Professional for Workstations server like capabilities and features some uses of this would be:

  • High-Definition Rendering of Large 3D Video Files
  • High Spec Computer-Aided Design (CAD)Modification
  • Medical or Scientific Modelling Work

New Server-Grade Features

► Resilient file system (ReFS) and Storage Spaces.

Windows 10 Pro for Workstations supports enhanced Microsoft server-grade technologies for high-end PCs. This allows to handle large amounts of data and reach full data processing potential. With Storage Spaces Windows Server functionality the program enables safe data storage on mirror storage spaces. At the same time, data corruption is easily detected and repaired with the Resilient File System (ReFS).

► SMB direct.

SMB Direct protocol is an advanced Microsoft technology that guarantees smooth file transfers between PCs and Servers. It supports the usage of network adapters with Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) enabling data transfer at line speed with a minimum CPU usage and low latency. Users of applications that require access to large datasets stored remotely can improve their performance by using server data as local storage, or by running multiple applications simultaneously without any slowdowns.

► Persistent memory.

Windows 10 Pro for Workstations also supports hardware configurations with non-volatile memory modules (NVDIMM-N). This allows high-end workstations to take advantage of the fastest possible way to access and write data. Unlike the ordinary RAM, the persistent memory ensures that the data is safely stored even if your PC is off.

► Support for high-performance hardware.

High–end configuration owners are able to capitalize assets such as server-grade Intel Xeon or AMD Opteron processors. In comparison to Windows 10 Pro that is limited to 2 CPUs and 2TB, Windows 10 Pro for Workstations can handle up to 4 CPUs and up to 6TB RAM. This gives great confidence while working with big data since it has enough computing power to seamlessly run even the most demanding applications.


Windows 10 Professional for Workstations – perfect license for the advanced user

► Advanced performance.

Windows 10 Pro for Workstations is optimized for next-generation hardware. The operating system allows easy handling of large amounts of data as well as quick file transfer and saving. With fewer CPU cycles required, it leaves more capacity to run other apps. 

► Speed Through the Toughest Workloads.

With the fastest data storage, Windows 10 Pro for Workstations also supports devices with persistent memory and retains your files at hand even when the system is shut down.

  • Optimized for daily work processes
  • Excellent data transmission and processing
  • Maximum performance without losses
  • Integration on numerous devices
  • The perfect approach for any workload
  • Easy to use in any situation

► Ready for Next-Gen Hardware.

Delivering the power to run advanced workloads simultaneously, the operating system has high-performance configurations including server-grade Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron processors that support up to 4 CPUs and you can add up to 6TB memory.

‣ Required Processor: 1 GHz processor or faster

‣ Required Memory: 1 GB RAM (32-bit); 2 GB RAM (64-bit)

‣ Required Hard Disk Space: Up to 20GB 

‣ Required Display: 800 x 600 screen resolution or higher 

‣ Required Graphics Card: DirectX® 9 graphics processor with WDDM driver

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