Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud 2021


Make the invisible visible with free Endpoint Detection and Response for SMBs with Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud for 2021.
All-in-one security that goes beyond

  • File, Web, Mail Threat Prevention
  • Ransomware and Exploit prevention
  • Network Attack Blocker
  • Vulnerability Scan
  • Mobile protection
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A single security solution for all your IT security needs

  • All you need to protect Windows desktops and file servers, Mac OS devices, iOS and Android mobiles and even Microsoft Office 365*
  • Easily sign up for an account instead of getting tied up in hardware and software provisioning
  • Pre-defined policies are automatically applied to each newly connected device, providing immediate protection
    * Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365 is included in the Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus tier
<strong xmlns="">A single security solution for all your IT security needs</strong>

Be anywhere and protect anywhere

  • Be anywhere and protect anywhere using a cloud-based console
  • Secure geographically separated offices, home or field-based workers, at their desks or on the go regardless of device type
  • Enable remote encryption to make sure your corporate data is safe, even if a device gets lost or stolen
<strong xmlns="">Be anywhere and protect anywhere</strong>

Take control of the cloud

  • Shadow IT discovery to reveal uncontrolled sharing of corporate data in the cloud as well as users wasting time on social media and messengers.
  • Block user access to unnecessary or unauthorized cloud resources, keeping your data secure and your colleagues focused and productive.
  • Enable safe collaboration and communication in Microsoft Office 365 – protection for all its major apps is already included in<strong xmlns="">Take control of the cloud</strong>

Digital Delivery

This product is a digital delivery only, no disc or installation media will be sent in the post.

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