Windows 11 Home Retail Version


  • Make sure to check compatibility with support before ordering the product
  • Product information: 64 Bit Retail Versions, Windows 11 is an operating system (Office NOT included and needs to be ordered separately)
  • Manufacturer: Microsoft (Windows is not compatible with Chromebook)
  • Not compatible with Intel MAC
  • Status: New license for 1 PC – For bulk purchases, contact us on the live chat
  • Delivery: Download Is Available Immediately After Purchase. You will receive a license and instructions via email
  • Lifetime: One Payment Gives You A Lifetime License
  • Language: This Product is Global and works in every country, All Languages Are Available
  • Setup: Live Assistance During Setup
  • Guarantee: Every Purchase Is Covered By Our 100% Product Satisfaction Guarantee. If the MS Office Store team can’t activate your purchase you will get your money back.


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Take a look at the product information for the Windows 11 Home

Change how you work and achieve more, faster, with Windows 11 Home. The familiar but fresh operational system has gotten a UX makeover with a modern and sleek design that gives easy access to the essentials. Keep your windows organized into grids with Snap Layouts, create customized desktops for the different ways you use your device with the improved Desktops, and have your favorite widgets handy in the Taskbar.

Windows 11 Home is designed with security in mind, making sure you’re protected from modern cyber threats. From the chip to the cloud, certified devices are able to rise up to the challenges of advanced modern-day cyberattacks thanks to the new strict hardware requirements, proven encryptions, and Microsoft’s best malware protection.

New Exciting Features

 Refreshed interface.

Modern and clean, Windows 11’s new design is meant to inspire you and make using the platform a pleasure. Streamlined and modernized, the OS’s new look puts you in control and lets you access the apps you use the most quickly and easily. Enjoy a more intuitive and beautiful workflow with Windows 11.


Windows 10 Microsoft Edge

Integrated Android apps

You will be able to access Android apps via the Amazon Store from within the updated and trusted Microsoft Store. While previous versions of the OS also had different tricks for using Android apps on the desktop, in Windows 11 it will be native, allowing for a better user experience. The search function will also be superior to previous versions, so you can find your favorite apps, games, shows, and movies faster and easier than ever before.

Android Apps and Windows 11: Here's What You Should Know - CNET

Stay connected with the people you care about.

Microsoft Teams is better than ever with Windows 11! Start a meeting in no time by accessing teams right from the new centered taskbar. Reach out to those important to you whenever the urge strikes and send them a quick message through Chat. The new, lightweight Windows 11 Teams experience will be available to everyone using a personal Microsoft account.

Preview Microsoft Teams 2.0 on Windows 11 rolls out - Tom Talks


better virtual desktop support. 

Create different desktops for work, personal, school, gaming, and more, and toggle between them seamlessly. Tailor the different desktops to your unique needs and keep your activities neatly separated. Organize your favorite apps and the windows you have open with Snap Layouts and Snap groups in a fashion similar to split screens, but more customizable and flexible. This is especially helpful when multitasking, as you can easily separate the windows you have open for one project from those for another and effortlessly switch between them. Windows 11 also lets you plug and unplug from a monitor without losing where your windows are located. Multitasking has never been easier.

Windows 11 Virtual Desktops | TechWise Group

Better with Office 2021.
Windows 11 is the perfect combination with the Office 2021 suites. Along with powerful updates for its apps, Office 2021 has received a visual refresh to match Windows 11. Unlock the full potential of classic productivity software and achieve your goals.


Microsoft Office 2021 lands on Windows 11 day – here's all the new features | Trusted Reviews

Good News! 

We currently have Office 2021 on sale, and you can add it to your cart with Windows 11 and get a bundle discount!
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Your favorite widgets are one click away.
Customize your favorite widgets and access them quickly and easily straight from the Taskbar. Whether you want to stay up-to-date on trending news, check the weather, view photos, or do more, all of that will be just a click away. Configure widgets to your liking and get the information you need when you need it.

How to work with the Windows 11 Widget panel - The Verge

Compatibility and Requirements

Make sure to contact our support to check if your device is compatible with windows 11 and meets the requirements

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